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Fresh Henna paste cones.

Ready to use.


Cone weight ~35 grams

Price: 8 euro

Henna plant

leaves powder Jamila


Weight: 100 grams

Price: 10 euro



  • Svaiga Hennas pasta ārpus saldētavas derīga 5-6 dienas.
  • Saldētavā var uzglabāt 4-6.mēnešus.
  • Ar vienu konusu iespējamas apzīmēt veselu roku smalkā rakstā no pirkstiem līdz elkonim.

Ready for use. In the paste making process I use only the most valuable and most natural ingredients. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, black tea, cinnamon sticks, whole black pepper, natural lavender essential oil and honey. Only the choice of highest quality components in this Henna paste allows getting a chocolate- brown tone drawing and durability for up to two weeks.

Jamila Henna is a choice of professionals. It is imported fresh from Pakistan's Sindh and Punjab provinces, purchased from manufacturers and delivered with the air courier. Qualitative sieved Jamila Henna leaves powder allows getting the highest attainable standard of supple texture of Henna paste that offers chocolate brown tone and a long-lasting drawing. Available for selling: powder of the harvest of year 2018.




Price of one cone: 0.2 euro

Minimum number of cones to be purchased: 25 pcs


Price: 5 euro

Material for



Price: 4 euro

Preparation of an accurately measured, carefully cut, carefully folded and elegantly glued cone is a task equivalent to the jeweller’s work. It requires skills, precision, patience, attention, knowledge and time!

Preparation of Henna paste is a creative art, while the cone-making is a filigree work that requires a constructive mind and logical thinking.

Geranium Essential Oil




Price: 5 euro

Tea tree oil




Price: 4.50 euro

Traditionally in folk medicine geranium is used in different pain and inflammatory cases - ear, middle ear, nasopharynx, tonsils, etc. This plant has a huge anti-inflammatory effect, also in healing oral mucosal inflammation. Geranium is women's health and longevity aroma that contains phyto-estrogens and helps to normalize hormonal background.

A typical sensual drug aroma stimulates the immune system; it is used to control depression, mental stress and fear. This oil has antiviral, pain-relieving, anti-fungal properties. Eliminates inflammation processes and promotes cell renewal. It has the power which helps to assume responsibility and manage your life independently. It tones up and balances the hormonal system.

Lavender Essential Oil




Price: Euro 5


Tea tree essential oil  is a healer, and natural antiseptic. Warm flavour of the wood. Balancing, stabilizing, force-giving oil. Tea tree destroys bacteria, viruses, parasites. Warm, sharp flavour of the tea tree activates perceptual processes. Nowadays it is one of the strongest and most popular natural products with antibacterial effect. Recommended for respiratory rehabilitation, externally – for disinfecting and healing-enhancing compresses. As aroma it strengthens the mental balance and nervous system, helps to restore strength after large emotional experiences.

Oil for protection of

drawing against water


100 ml


Price: Euro 19

Effects: balances emotions, relieves stress and tension, eases headaches, enables peaceful sleep, lowers high blood pressure, and helps respiratory tract prevention.

It has strong antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, spasmolytic, diuretic and perspiratory properties. Strengthens the immune system, improves heart muscle functioning, reduces arterial blood pressure, regulates the digestive tract, gallbladder, liver, menstrual cycle. Psycho-emotional effects: works against panic, hysteria, fear, insecurity, burnout, addictions, and excited behaviour. Facilitates self-discovery, meditation, quick strength recovery and provides a complete energetic relaxation. Dissipates mental fatigue, lassitude, prevents overworking, headaches, dizziness, fainting, insomnia. Strengthens the immune system.

! Only Henna paste containing the lavender essential oil can also be used on the skin of pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy and children from 2.5 years of age.

Argan oil, also known also as "liquid gold of Morocco" is derived from the argan tree fruit. Argan tree because of its particularly hard wood is also called iron tree. Its Latin name is: Argania spinosa. Argan tree is known as one of the oldest tree species in the world that is found only in the south-eastern part of Morocco.


To retain the drawing on the skin for a longer time and to have a richer tone, it is recommended to oil the skin, when taking shower, attending swimming pool, taking Jacuzzi, sauna, hot yoga or other being in other environment where skin contact with water can shorten the fixity time of the drawing.

The patch


Size: 10mX10cm


Price: 6 euro

The elastic band


Size: 8cm* 110cm


Price: 4.50 euro

MeFix Medical patch is a wide, soft, flexible medical patch. This is the most appropriate from patches on the market. It excellently fixes the finished Henna design, not allowing it to spread out or peel off ahead of time.

Elastic band is an excellent material with which you can tie up fresh Henna paste drawing so it will not soil clothes, peel off too quickly while in contact with clothes and thanks to its warmth accumulating  properties, Henna drawings tied with the elastic band get a darker tone and are persistent for a longer time.

Rubber gloves


Price: 0.75 euro

The adhesive tape


Price: 2 euro

Thin rubber gloves allow to make Henna paste with clean hands and eliminate any risk of soiling. Gloves are reusable when carefully cleaned after use.

is needed for rolled cone strengthening, closing of filled cones and during making a Henna drawing to curl up the lower cone parts. This adhesive tape keeps the Henna cone junction parts at indoor temperature during the day and in the freezer, where the ready filled Henna cones are stored, and during the defrosting time, and they do not  come off while in contact with essential oils, which are in the Henna paste.

Gift wrapping


Price: 4 euro

Fresh Henna paste cone can be a great gift. It inspires for the beautiful works of art and allows to express talent. Gift packaging box is made of corrugated cardboard and tied with a beautiful ribbon. It is handmade.



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